How Accessible is Kos, Greece actually?

Greece is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe. Interesting fact: the official name of Greece is the Hellenic Republic. My first time in the beautiful Greece was in 2018, it was my first time on an Island. Greece has approximately ‎11 million residents, of which 33,388 people in Kos. I was very excited to learn more about Greece. The flight from Amsterdam, The Netherlands to Kos Airport – Ippokratis was approximately 3.5 hours. We stayed at Kipriotis Village Resort.

“Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.” – Roy M. Goodman

Where to stay?

“Located in Psalidi, just 3 km from Kos Town, Kipriotis Village Resort features a garden, swimming pools for adults and children and all-inclusive accommodation. This 4-star resort offers a 24-hour front desk and a concierge service.” –

Meet Asmae
Meet Asmae

My name is Asmae and welcome to my travel blog. In 2019 I had the idea of starting a blog and so I did. So now you can enjoy reading my adventures. And maybe you will go on an adventure yourself afterwards?

Anyway, enjoy the ride!

What to do?

At the airport an accessible taxi picked us up to bring us to our 4* hotel. The taxi was not something that I’d call accessible, because it didn’t have the supplies to fix the wheelchair in a safe way. The drive to our resort was approximately 1 hour through the mountains and small streets. It was dark outside, so we didn’t see a lot of the environment, but we could see Turkey across the ocean.

My first impression of the hotel was very good, beautiful and clean entrance. It took a while before we got our keys, but that was not really a problem. In the meantime we could discover the hotel and have some dinner. It was an all-inclusive arrangement and I have to say that the food was very good. After dinner, we could finally go to our rooms downstairs. The elevator was good, but small. You could enter the elevator with one wheelchair and one (small) person. The room was clean and my (rented) high-low bed was connected and well. We unpacked some stuff and went to sleep, because it was already past midnight.

First impressions

The next day we woke up around 9 A.M. and we had our first breakfast in the hotel. The food was good and there were a lot of food choices. You could choose between three different restaurants inside the hotel. So you’d never get bored with the place nor the food they served. The hotel has 3 restaurants including a main Restaurant, Italian Restaurant and an Authentic Greek Restaurant of course.

But also many snack options like a pizza corner and a BBQ restaurant. There were plenty of facilities like a souvenir shop, Jacuzzi, fitness center and different pools. They also had a pool hoist (patient lift), so you could swim in any pool you wanted to swim in. We stayed a lot in and around the resort, but there were many things to do. The resort was very close to the sea, so we’ve been there too. This beach was without sand, but with stones. I think there were beach wheelchairs, but it was too cold to go into the sea. So I haven’t tested the wheelchairs.

Kos city

The hotel staff was very friendly and helpful with suggestions of things to do in Kos. According to them you had to take the taxi to Kos city. We tried walking, because we didn’t want to depend on the taxi’s. It was about 40 – 50 minutes on one straight road to the city. The whole road was along the sea and nice restaurants, so this was a nice walk. The city was interesting and had mixing architecture. There were very old churches and very new buildings. I love how this city was mixed between new and old.

Boat tour

We also did a boat tour through three different islands which was very impressive. We did the 3 islands tour with the Black Pearl. The Black Pearl was a very modern boat with cold drinks, music and sunbeds. The boat also had a large waterslide. We visited Kalymnos, Plati en Pserimos. And we had some lunch in Plati and then continued the tour. You could enter the boat with your wheelchair, but I don’t recommend doing that with your powerchair. The tour was very, very beautiful with gorgeous views and dolphins in the sea. The vibe was nice and the weather was wonderful. A tour to never forget.


We also went to Zia, a mountain village which is mainly focused at tourism. There are also many restaurants and shops, especially in the fields of textiles and herbs. The village is known for its exceptionally beautiful sunsets. We went to see the sunset and it was unbelievable beautiful, words can’t describe. It was a long ride, because you went up into the mountains. But it was definitely worth the time! If you’ll ever visit Kos, make sure you’ll watch the sunset in Zia.

The other remaining days we walked around in the nature, visited the beach and went to the city a few times. We did not get bored once, which is a good sign. My first visit to Greece was great, so I’ll definitely visit Greece again.

General things to know

Besides where to stay and what to do, there are some general things you should know.

  • The official language spoken is Greek, but most people understand and speak English.
  • Capital City is Athens. 
  • Greece is a part of Europe, so you can pay with euros (€).
  • The climate of Greece is Mediterranean, featuring mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers.
  • The island has one airport; Kos airport. Click here for the information about the accessibility of the airport 

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