How accessible is It Sailhus apartment in the Netherlands?

I wouldn’t go on holiday in my own country too easily, but because of the coronavirus, elsewhere is not a possibility for the time being. Last month I was away for a week in beautiful Friesland in the Netherlands. In the past, I had heard many positive stories about It Sailhus in Friesland, so I also had to see it myself. My last national holiday was in May 2020 to an adapted B&B in Denekamp, and I loved it. This is why I’ve picked a new experience to try, so we booked an apartment this time.

 “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.”

Corona precautions

It Sailhus is from a Dutch foundation called Sailwise which offers adapted group tours. These trips have a lot to do with sailing and other water sports activities. One of their accommodations, It Sailhus, can be rented for personal holidays.

Like many other accommodations, It Sailhus was closed for a longer period due to the coronavirus. In June, the government gave permission to reopen accommodations under strict conditions. After this permission, we booked our stay last minute for mid-June. Therefore, after the reopening, we were one of their first guests.

We took many precautions in advance to minimize the risk of infection with the coronavirus during our stay. So we traveled with our own transport to avoid public transport as much as possible. And we also did groceries to be able to cook in the apartments, because restaurants are still way too risky. But despite all these precautions, we had a nice week without too many worries.

It Sailhus

It Sailhus is modern accommodation with four adapted apartments (for 4 or 6 people) and is located directly on the largest lake in Friesland: the Fluessen. The apartments are called Rakken, Luts, Brekken and Morra. We stayed in the Luts which is located on the second floor. The apartments have a large living room with an open kitchen. There are two bedrooms with 2 electric adjustable beds in each room, so in total there are 4 adapted beds per apartment. Each apartment also has two spacious bathrooms, and one of them is equipped with a ceiling hoist.

Many facilities that people with disabilities may need are available. Here is the full list:

  • Kitchen suitable for wheelchairs
  • Adapted kitchen equipment
  • Ceiling hoist in bathroom and bedroom
  • Mobile hoist
  • Shower chair with large wheels
  • Shower stretcher
  • Toilet with grab rails
  • Electric adjustable beds
  • Anti-decubitus mattress

Sailwise has also started to rent out an electric bicycle that can be used to secure a wheelchair so that wheelchair users can remain in their wheelchair during the bike ride. This makes it possible to make beautiful bike rides through the Frisian nature reserves. You can rent the electric wheelchair bike for €20 per day or €12.50 per half day. For more information, visit their website!

Source images: Sailwise


We had very few activities planned for this week because we mainly wanted some relaxation time. Before this trip, we spent three months indoors due to the coronavirus outbreak.

One of the activities that we did plan was taking a boat trip with the Sailwise pontoon boat. You can rent this pontoon boat from Sailwise and you can use it independently. The boat is accessible to people in a wheelchair, and also in an electric wheelchairs.

Thanks to a sturdy, long ramp, you can easily enter the boat independently. It is also possible to drive the boat yourself. Even if you have little hand and arm strength like me.

A total of 8 people fit on a boat, three of them in a manual wheelchair or two in an electric wheelchair. You can rent a boat for €125 a day. This activity was also very fitting at this time in Corona, since you can easily keep social distance.

Sailwise is clearly a good foundation that focuses on people with physical disabilities. This can also be seen in the types of equipment they make available for their guests. After the corona pandemic, I would like to experience a group trip with Sailwise.

It is also worth it to take some time to discover your own country, trust me 🙂

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