Review accessible hotel Domein Polderwind, Belgium

More and more is becoming possible in the travel industry again. Of course, I couldn’t wait to get out there again, to discover the world. That’s how I decided to book a weekend in Belgium.

I didn’t have plans for this weekend, but one thing I knew for sure. I want to book near the sea! So I stumbled upon the beautiful hotel Polderwind. In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this accessible paradise. Hotel Domein Polderwind is a 4-star hotel and has 46 accessible rooms. Most rooms are located on the first floor, but there is also an elevator for the second floor.

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Meet Asmae
Meet Asmae

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Hotel Polderwind is located in Zuidelange, Belgium. That is near the famous town of Bruges, about a 20-minute drive away. And, you are about 10 minutes from the Belgian coast. If you are looking for a quiet environment, then you are perfectly located here. The hotel also offers ample parking, also for an accessible van.

Now let’s talk about the hotel in detail because believe me, you’ll want to know everything there is to know about it. The hotel offers different room types, including family rooms and double rooms. More information about the different room types can be found on their website.

We stayed in one of the 10 Comfort Care rooms, a room with plenty of daylight, without annoying carpet. These rooms are adapted for people with reduced mobility. All the rooms are equipped with ‘hospital’ beds that can be placed opposite or next to each other. The bed can be adjusted in height as well as at the head and foot end.

The room door is opened automatically from the outside by a card, but from the inside by a pushbutton on the wall. For even more independence, the rooms have electronically controlled curtains.

The bathroom is very spacious and has a walk-in shower, accessible sink, and toilet with grab rails. The walk-in shower is equipped with a folding shower seat, but the hotel also has a mobile shower chair. They can also provide a shower stretcher if needed. You can use these free of charge.

A unique tool that the hotel offers is a ceiling hoist. This ceiling hoist goes over the beds and into the bathroom. The LIKKO ceiling hoist with a 2-point sling bar has been installed. My sling of the Molift Smart 150 worked perfectly with this ceiling hoist.

The hotel also offers beach wheelchairs, accessible walking paths, boats accessible by a wheelchair lift, and wheelchair bikes. But we didn’t check this out.