Review on the ableSling lite and the ableHarness

If you have to use a hoist to transfer, this post might be very helpful for you and your adventures. For me, there is nothing worse than having to be transferred, especially on an airplane. Since I found out about the ableSling light, my life has been so much easier.

Review accessible hotel Domein Polderwind, Belgium

More and more is becoming possible in the travel industry again. Of course, I couldn’t wait to get out there again, to discover the world. That’s how I decided to book a weekend in Belgium. I didn’t have plans for this weekend, but one thing I knew for sure. I want to book near the […]

How accessible is It Sailhus apartment in the Netherlands?

How accessible is It Sailhus apartment in the Netherlands? I wouldn’t go on holiday in my own country too easily, but because of the coronavirus, elsewhere is not a possibility for the time being. Last month I was away for a week in beautiful Friesland in the Netherlands. Actually, Sweden was scheduled for that period, […]

5 Tips to Use Lightroom While Traveling

Do you know that feeling when you have taken a super nice photo but are not sure how to edit it? This is quite common, even for me in the beginning of my photo editing skills. Have you always wanted to know how Adobe Lightroom works? In this article you will read everything you need […]

Guest Blog: A Short Accessible Trip to Madrid

My name is Stephan Spieker (30) and I always try to travel several times a year. Like a city trip to Barcelona or 2 weeks to Côte d´Azur, France. My last trip was to Madrid at the end of February. I think it is important that everyone can travel, even with a disability, so I […]