Your Complete Accessible Guide For Taking Your Wheelchair On A Flight

Don’t get too excited about the title, I will not explain how you can fly with your wheelchair in this article. But I’ll explain how you can take your wheelchair on the plane, which is important as well, right? Most countries are starting to re-open its borders and make traveling possible again. I myself do not […]

5 Tips to Use Lightroom While Traveling

Do you know that feeling when you have taken a super nice photo but are not sure how to edit it? This is quite common, even for me in the beginning of my photo editing skills. Have you always wanted to know how Adobe Lightroom works? In this article you will read everything you need […]

How to Get Through the Corona Crisis?

Right now, the entire world is in turmoil with the coronavirus, or COVID-19. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared this a pandemic, the last pandemic was in 2009. Most countries have also asked their residents to stay inside. But how do you get through these weeks? You can read all my tips on this blog!  […]

My 4-Steps Routine Of Accessible Trip Planning

My 4-Steps Routine Of Accessible Trip Planning Today let’s talk about my personal routine for planning a trip. It is quite a complicated process that takes a lot of time. Planning takes more time than the actual trip, but it’s worth it for me. Maybe I plan too much, but I don’t want to end […]