Review on the ableSling lite and the ableHarness

If you have to use a hoist to transfer, this post might be very helpful for you and your adventures. For me, there is nothing worse than having to be transferred, especially on an airplane. Since I found out about the ableSling lite, my life has been so much easier.


The ableSling lite is a manual transfer sling from ableMove. It can be used for the transfer to another chair or swimming pool, for example. I have used mine for transferring from my wheelchair to the airplane seat, and from the airplane seat back to my wheelchair. These were the easiest transfers I have had in my whole life. It comes with 8 handles for manual lifting and head support.

You can put the AbleSling lite in your wheelchair in the morning, and you can sit on it all day long. The ableSling won’t slide because of the non-slip base. This also makes repositioning throughout the day very easy.

If you have a weak upper body strength, there is also an ‘add-on’ called the ableHarness available. For me, this was extremely useful during the transfers.

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