TRYP Wyndham | Wheelchair Accessible Hotel Room in Dubai


Are you looking for a wheelchair accessible hotel room in Dubai, does it feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack? Don’t worry, I gotchu! Let me tell you everything about the accessibility of the TRYP by Wyndham Dubai hotel.

“Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.” – Unknown


The accessible rooms are 20 square meters and can accommodate up to 2 adults. In my experience, the room was quite small to maneuver freely with my wheelchair and hoist. After rearranging some furniture and removing the rug, it was quite doable in terms of space in the room.

The room counts just a few power outlets to charge your powerchair, phone, laptop, etc. Make sure to bring your travel adapter with you!

Most of the time I bring my own Molift Smart 150 hoist with me, just like this time. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit underneath the bed, but we figured out a workaround and lifted the bed a little bit to make it fit. The hotel manager told us that they ordered new beds, which will have enough space underneath.


Now let’s talk about the bathroom.

The toilet is equipped with just one bar on the left side, but the shower is equipped with two bars. In some countries, it’s very common to use a bidet, and this toilet is equipped with an easily accessible bidet. The bathroom has a mini sink with a mirror. There is also a high-quality shower chair available which is easily foldable.


The pricing of the hotel was pretty fair for the central location in Dubai. A wheelchair accessible room (double room) starts from 449 AED (113,66) per night, no breakfast included. We visited the hotel in February.


I’d want to give this hotel a 3,5 out of 5-star rating.

There are 5 elevators to bring you to one of the 26th floors. If you need anything, just know that the staff is very willing to help. The space in the room is minimal for a wheelchair accessible room. Also, the bricks underneath the bed made it difficult to make transfers with the hoist.

If you’re wondering about the best way to get around in Dubai, read more information about public transport or about wheelchair accessible taxi’s. 

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